Breakbulk Mashariki ya Kati 2025

Breakbulk Mashariki ya Kati
From February 10, 2025 until February 11, 2025
Dubai - Kituo cha Biashara cha Dunia cha Dubai, Dubai, UAE
(Tafadhali angalia mara mbili tarehe na eneo kwenye tovuti rasmi hapa chini kabla ya kuhudhuria.)

Breakbulk Mashariki ya Kati | 10-11 Februari 2025 | Dubai, UAE

The hub of new project development in the region. Launch new products. Brand opportunities.

Breakbulk Middle East is the perfect place to meet the decision makers from government ministries, oil and gas companies, and top EPCs. This event is the only way to get in touch with Middle Eastern companies due to their strict gatekeeping policies.Breakbulk Middle East, conveniently located in Dubai will attract over 8,000 companies from 98 different countries. Do not miss this opportunity to build the relationships that your company will need to grow in this innovative region.

Kutana na watoa maamuzi wakuu, ikijumuisha EPC na kampuni za nishati.

This is the ideal place to introduce your new product or brand. Over 8,000 key industry professionals will be in attendance.

Fursa za ufadhili zinapatikana kwenye tovuti, kabla na baada ya onyesho au tunaweza kukuundia programu.

Join us October 15-17, 2024 in Houston for the largest event in North America and Central America dedicated to breakbulk and project cargo.

Join us on the 21-23 of May 2024 in Rotterdam for the largest ever project cargo and breakbulk exhibition.

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre Hall 6,7, & 8.

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Dubai - Kituo cha Biashara cha Dunia cha Dubai, Dubai, UAE Dubai - Kituo cha Biashara cha Dunia cha Dubai, Dubai, UAE


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